How to blow her mind in bed

Sarah-Palin-SexyHow to blow her mind in bed

Look, if we’re honest here, it’s true that sex is just like pizza.

Even bad pizza is still pizza, you know what we mean?

The only problem is, she might not feel that way.

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been letting your standards or your performance drop a little bit in the bedroom (for any different number of reasons), it’s probably time to give your everyday routine a bit of a review.

Sure, most men aren’t crazy about the idea of not being able to handle the activities between the sheets – but the cold hard truth of the matter is most of us just aren’t doing quite as well of a job as we could be.

And who wants to be that guy that just isn’t doing it for her?

If you are looking for a couple of tips and tricks to really turn the temperature of in the bedroom, no matter how old (or young) either of you are, hopefully you find the inside information below to be incredibly (and immediately) useful!

Don’t be shy about popping pills

According to credible university studies, anywhere between 40% and 70% of all men over the age of 35 are dealing with erectile dysfunction.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Anywhere between four and seven out of every 10 men you meet on the street today, tomorrow, and every day from here on out are living with erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t doing anything about it.

If you fall into that category, it’s not only critical that you seek out a bit of medical attention to make sure that it’s not a sign of more serious problems and not just a bit of stage fright, but it’s also important that you try and get your hands any and all solutions you can.

We’re talking about things like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, or any other sildenafil products, natural herbs and remedies that help you “rise to the occasion”, injectables, penis pumps, etc.

This is a pretty big component to having things work right in the bedroom, and if you’re falling down here you may as well stop reading until you get things cleared up.

sexy-sarahWithout risk, there is no reward

If you are absolutely sick and tired of what you do between the sheets, you had better believe that she probably is too – but it may be just because of the fact that you are confining your “exercise” to the bedroom!

Study after study (after study come after study) has proven that it’s critically important for human beings to throw a little bit of risk/reward into the equation when it comes to sex.

We are not recommending that you start to throw down in public, that you begin to upload videos to the Internet, or that you do anything else outside of the box or completely crazy that you aren’t comfortable with – though you’re definitely going to want to step outside of your comfort bubble at least a little bit.

It’s probably best that you start slow. Find something that only has the perception of risk without action be risky at all, and then move on from there.

You may discover that your erectile dysfunction problems disappear completely (even without having to reach for a sildenafil-based product like Viagra) when you throw a little bit of risk into the mix.

Change things up regularly

Most of the time when things go stale in the bedroom, it has little to do with erectile dysfunction or a low supply of Viagra, and everything to do with the fact that things – naturally – get a little bit stale.

If you stuck to the same old, same old routine (a bit of sex in the afternoon after work, or maybe a bit of action on your birthday or major holidays), you’re absolutely rocking yourself of the big time benefits that enter into this most favorite activity.

Don’t be shy about changing things up every now and again to completely surprise.

Sure, it’s going to be a bit of a shock to her system – but it’s going to be very (A very) well-received 99.9% of the time.

And when a bit of a curveball doesn’t work out quite the way that you had hoped?

Well, like we mentioned above – sex is a lot like pizza.