Super Moms vs. Toothache

Palin Super Milf is more than just our sex god. She is – by definition – a mom! And not just any mom but of course the supreme Super MILF. So she – like any mom – must face up to and vanquish the bogey of toothaches which attack her kids from time to time when they eat too much pizza.

It doesn’t matter how particular you are about your tooth care regimen – toothaches can happen to the best of us! (even super milfs) Everyone has experienced a toothache at least once in their lives, but many fail to recognize just what might be causing their toothaches. There are numerous different reasons that could be behind that aching pain you feel. These three causes might help shed some light on the matter and help you find the right course of action for that aching sensation in your teeth.

  1. Sensitivity – Have you ever tried to bite down on a cold food item, or taken a sip of some ice water to have your tooth throb and ache? Sometimes, the pain can be so bad that we avoid cold foods and drinks all together. This is a common experience among many individuals, but the causes might not be as well-known. Sensitive teeth can be caused by a multitude of factors and more often than not, cavities aren’t even the culprit. Receding gums or a thinning enamel may very well be the root of your pain. Make sure you ask your dentist for their opinion. While you’re waiting for your scheduled appointment though, make sure you treat your teeth with special medicated toothpaste to help ease the pain.
  2. Broken Teeth – If the pain you feel is a lot sharper and intense making it difficult to bite down on food that isn’t even too hot or too cold, you might be suffering from a case of broken teeth. In this case, you should visit your dentist immediately for treatment as further use could complicate the situation. Depending on your condition, your doctor might advise a special procedure and prescribe medications to help ease the pain.
  3. Infections – People fail to realize that sometimes, it might not even be teeth at all. There are instances when toothaches are caused by other factors such as infections or disease that target the gums or surrounding soft tissues. If your toothache comes accompanied by a foul odor or if other parts of your face region hurt along with your teeth, you might be suffering from a condition that has nothing to do with your teeth at all.
  4. Treatments – Make sure you visit your dentist and give a detailed account of the kind of pain you feel, when you feel it, and where you feel it. Based on this information, your dentist or doctor will be able to draw out a likely cause and give the appropriate treatment. He or she may end up  giving you or your kids painkillers. Cocodamol is a favorite of dentists especially after any serious surgery like a root canal operation. Cocodamol is so fantastically effective because it combines two potent painkillers. The first is paracetamol (called acetaminophen by PSM because she is a proud American). The second is codeine which is a bit tricky because it’s addictive and can get you high if you take too much of it so super milfs tend to be wary. However sticking codeine and paracetamol together in one pill gives you a gobsmacking powerful painkiller to stop that toothache in its tracks. They also have mini-versions of cocodamol for kids.  And medicating the little buggers with codeine has the added bonus of keeping them quiet for awhile so everyone’s a winner. On behalf of the entire team here at PSM we hope these super milf tips will help you in pain war against toothache.